• WLED

    Getting started with ESP-01 and WLED

    I have used the ESP-01 and WLED in a lot of my projects but haven’t really had an explainer video of how to get up and running, here, hopefully is all you need to know. Here is what you need…

  • WLED

    DIY RGB Keyboard

    In this project, I make an RGB keyboard using a K-Mart “gaming” keyboard. This keyboard already has an acrylic lens to allow RGB lights to filter through the keys. There is not an LED per key just 26 in total.…

  • WLED

    RGB Trampoline

    This was my first project that involved the WLED firmware. I wanted to light up a trampoline during the night with neopixel strips and hopefully sync with music. This project kicked off a whole lot of investigating of WLED and…