Project Shop

I was going to run a shop but the pricing for shipping etc is actually better for you to purchase the items via Amazon (USA). Please find the links to the identical or similar products below.


Most of my projects are freely available on Instuctables or Hackaday. These are generally “first-gen” editions and may have some inherent flaws or not include special functions that weren’t available at build time. I am slowly going through and revising these with better documentation, code, and improved STLs. These can be purchased with updated code, better build details, and improved STLS from the following links.

The spider dropper project is an excellent STEM project that introduces all ages and abilities to a cool Halloween (or anytime) project. In this project, you have all the required files to either 3D print or cut a wood chassis and create this project. SampleBuy Now
This hotwire cutter is a great tool to cut foam for your projects. This guide has step-by-step instructions along with the latest STL files to get you up and running in no time. SampleBuy Now
Creating 3D-printed molds for repetitive use is a complex task. This guide explains in detail how to make your own 3D-printed molds for cement or even silicon casting using fusion 360.SampleBuy Now
Full build guide for my Sim racing pedals, includes new STLs and guide to configure the firmware. SampleBuy Now