3D Printing,  WLED

Low polygon WLED Neopixel cement lamp

Instructables has a lamp competition on at the moment (probably ended by now). I am going to make a lamp from an STL found on Thingiverse. I will convert the STL to a mold using fusion 360. Cast cement in the mold as the basis for the lamp.

All other fixtures will be 3D printed in clear PLA. Around the top and bottom of the lamp shade will be 20 neopixel LEDs (10 on the top and 10 on the bottom) these will then be controlled by an ESP-01 hidden in the base of the lamp.

So far I have changed the design as the original STL was a bit “out there” so I have reduced the polygons making up the STL to be a little more artistic.

The big issue at the moment is getting consistent results when casting the cement. After 3 attempts I got a pretty good result but this can vary and the latest low polygon version has been the worst result so far. I am not sure if it is because of the shape of the new lamp or because I didn’t spend as much time trying to get the air bubbles out of the cement.

The lighting around the top and the bottom will use individual neopixels.

You can purchase neopixels rings but none are available to me in the same size so I am making my own by hand.

This consists of a PLA jig that holds the pixels while I solder single-core electrical wire to the contacts.

So far I need to attempt another casting of the cement as the last did not go too well. Also, print all the fixtures I am running out of time to build!