3D Printing,  WLED

Low polygon WLED Neopixel cement lamp completed

It took up to the wire but the lamp was completed on the 4th of December with the competition closing on the 5th.

It was pretty tricky trying to get a good photo of the lamp as my camera exposure was determined to adjust for the lightness of the shade hiding the detail of the low polygon torso. There was no finishing on this casting at all. It came out very good. The seam lines are very dark but I am deciding if I am going to try and work these out or not.

The problem with this low polygon version is the straight sharp edges. For the naturally shaped figure, I could just sand over the imperfections to naturally blend in. With this statue, I think the reworking will be obvious.

The stand on the bottom was a last-minute edition. In fact, it didn’t even make it to the build video. The surface area around the bottom just isn’t big enough to securely stop the lamp from toppling over. I was going to paint this black but I think it complements the other white PLA in the print.

I spent a good 2 hours on the weekend creating a build document in Instructables only to have it not save for some reason 😭. So quickly created another which should do for now. If Instructables do indeed reject the build I will create another build document on my site or maybe Hackaday.

I really like how the wiring is all hidden from view that was a good gamble. The shade does look like it is floating.

The WLED controller gives me so many options not only for effects but connectivity. I will create a follow-up video going through the configuration but I already have several videos covering different aspects of WLED.