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Elevate your Nerf battles with my compact Tracer Fire Effect mod. Powered by small coin cell batteries and an LED, this ingenious device adds a dynamic visual element to your foam dart shots, creating a thrilling tracer fire effect as they streak through the air. Easy to install and compatible with your Nerf blaster, it enhances gameplay with both style and accuracy, making it a must-have for all Nerf enthusiasts.Download
Introducing my sleek and practical PS4 Dual Shock Controller Holder—a must-have accessory for gamers seeking an organized and hassle-free gaming setup. Designed to securely accommodate two Dual Shock controllers, this holder offers the ultimate convenience with carefully crafted cable management holes, ensuring that charger cables remain tidy and within easy reach. While this controller holder hasn’t been personally printed yet, rest assured that it’s been meticulously designed for optimal functionality and compatibility with your PS4 setup. Elevate your gaming experience with an organized space for your controllers, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clutter-free gaming area.Download
Introducing my streamlined PS4 Controller and Move Holder—a sleek and practical solution for keeping your gaming essentials tidy and at your fingertips. This holder is designed to snugly cradle one PS4 controller and one Move controller, ensuring they stay securely in place. Crafted with precision, it features discreetly integrated holes for charging leads, making it effortless to keep your controllers charged and ready for action. With a click-in design that guarantees a snug fit, your controllers will always be within reach and neatly organized. Elevate your gaming setup with this minimalist yet highly functional holder—a perfect addition to any gaming enthusiast’s space.Download
Introducing my innovative Cask Water Box Connection Device—an ingenious solution designed to simplify the process of turning on your water supply. Crafted for convenience, this mechanism adheres to the universal principle of “righty tighty, lefty loosey,” ensuring intuitive operation. Please note that depending on your slicer settings, you may need to employ a mirror effect to adjust the orientation. Great for the kids and Elderly. Download
Introducing my thoughtfully engineered Microphone Mount—a game-changer designed to provide a perfect fit for your microphone without the common hassle of tight spaces and inadequate screw holes. With a spacious 1/4″ diameter hole, this mount is purpose-built to accommodate your microphone and ensure a seamless, hassle-free attachment to your tripod. No need to worry about intricate adjustments or frustrating setups; simply print and enjoy the ease of cutting the thread effortlessly with your tripod. Say goodbye to the challenges of ill-fitting mounts and hello to a smoother, more efficient recording experience with our Microphone Mount.Download
Introducing our versatile Wi-Fi Module Mount, expertly designed to securely house the EPS Wroom ESP-32S v1 for your Ender3 V2 3D printer, and compatible with various other printers featuring similar alloy extrusions. This mount is your ideal solution for effortless module placement, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality.Download
Introducing my playful and interactive Cat Toy—a delightful creation that adds a touch of DIY charm to your feline friend’s playtime. Designed to accommodate a standard ping pong ball, this toy offers a unique twist that sets it apart from store-bought alternatives. Watch as your cat’s curiosity is piqued, and her natural instincts kick in when she effortlessly lifts and carries this whimsical toy around.Download
Introducing my ingenious Crank Handle Cat Feeder—a brilliant solution designed to make feeding your feline friend a breeze. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this feeder features a ratchet-equipped crank handle, ensuring that it rotates seamlessly in only one direction, anti-clockwise. With the aim of universal compatibility, we’ve designed it to accommodate Pringle can-sized containers, approximately 79mm in diameter, for your convenience.Download